AA Supply LLP is a consolidated supplier of materials and equipment for oil and gas, refinery, petrochemicals and mining industry companies of Kazakhstan. We always provide professional services, because we believe, that the Client should receive the best! As a rule, reliability of the suppliers is characterized by some factors, such as quality of deliveries. Our company is consumer orientated and we highly value trustful relationships with the clients, which we thoroughly develop and maintain. The main principle of our job is individual approach to each client, responsibility and guarantee of the undertaken obligations. AA Supply LLP aspires to strengthen our position in the market by granting the reasonable prices and high quality service. Our company aspires to give you maximum comfortable conditions:

  • competitive price
  • guaranteed quality
  • favorable delivery conditions.
AA Supply LLP is leading supplier of materials, tools and equipment including but not limited to:
  • Electrical equipment and materials, including gas & diesel gensets
  • IT equipment, software and hardware
  • Safety equipment and personal protective equipment.
  • Filters and lubricants from leading manufacturers
  • Welding equipment
  • Metal products
  • Piping bulks, valves, fittings and flanges
  • Bulk materials (cement, crashed stone, sand etc.)
  • Timber and wood products
The main specialization of the company is supply chain management. We are engaged in the process of moving materials from the manufacturer to the final consumer in the most efficient and cost effective manner for the benefit of the manufacturer and the customer. During the movement of material through the supply chain, we provide the following services: sourcing, quality assurance, logistics, receiving, warehousing, inventory management, service and knowledge of materials . AA Supply can replace dozens of specialized companies that are not always accept your company terms and conditions. Cooperation with one company is much easier than working with dozens of suppliers: we offer more than 50,000 items of tools and equipment on the market average with competitive prices. This allows us to fulfill client requests, save time and effort for sourcing of a desired product in dozens of companies and save money on transportation and other overhead costs . Our advantages – it is efficiency , reputation, reliability, wide range of products, competitive price, large quantity of goods in stock, delivery, experience, attention to customer.
We are very serious about quality issues. Quality control system at AA Supply, is in constant improvement, includes all stages from input control prior sale. System quality through control allows you to fully track the processing chain from receipt of material to implement and ensure consistent quality for the end user. Supply AA major priority in the retail sector is to provide consumers with high quality services. AA Supply is always focused on high quality products, prompt execution of orders, building and strengthening healthy working relationship with customers. We sincerely hope that in our face you will find a reliable partner for your business.
Full service for express transportation and freight forwarding. Our Company always ready to provide:
• Flexible transportation and logistics solutions. • Warehousing services (custody, equipment, reporting). • Customs Clearance Services.
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